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This site features real, genuine couples sharing passion on camera for us to enjoy. Oftentimes, this is their first actual porno. Other times, porn actors convince their boyfriend to do a scene with them. The bottom line is, we only feature 100% real life couples!
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Chad Brock And Clay Towers

29 minutes, added on February 14, 2013

Boyfriends Chad Brock and Clay Towers invite us in for their Valentines day celebrations, and even though Chad now has a Fleshjack to slide his cock into this dude would rather fuck Clays hot hole! And we get to watch too as the guys suck each other off and the hairy muscle top slams Clay's manhole until the cum is ready to pump out!

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Palmer Fitch And Toby Lockwood

31 minutes, added on November 20, 2012

Palmer Fitch and Toby Lockwood are committed to each other and have a healthy 6 year relationship. But like a lot of guys they like to spice things up and have decided to share their bedroom antics with us! These guys are still horny for each other after all that time, and you can tell when they get down to sucking each other off and Palmer slides his hard cock into Toby's ass to get them off!

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Evan Lee And Tanner Kinsington

45 minutes, added on November 10, 2012

Evan Lee and Tanner Kinsington might not do too well on the facts about each other in this little game, but when they're sharing their bodies on the bed they definitely know what makes the other tick! Both boys know what gets the other off hard and messy, and when they get down to it there's no holding back as the boys take each other to a cum eruption!

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Jason Alcok And Harry Cox

22 minutes, added on October 31, 2012

Twink boy Jason Alcok and his older hunk boyfriend Harry Cox have been boyfriends for almost two years, and they make a hot couple too! After a little introduction we follow them into the shower for some fun before heading to the bedroom to watch as Jason takes his lovers rock hard uncut cock deep in his ass!

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Dustin Fitch And Markell Jacobs

25 minutes, added on October 21, 2012

Gorgeous boy Dustin Fitch has invited his handsome young lover Markell Jacobs along for a duo show, and they really make a hot couple with their contrasting skin and the way they get each other off! We learn quite a lot about these gorgeous boys before they get down to business and start making out, and from some of the information they share we already know it's going to be such a delicious show too. Markell's big black dick is already thickening up when his lover releases that big dick and gets sucking, and he really knows how to...

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Justin Cox And Lucas Fiore

35 minutes, added on October 11, 2012

Boyfriends Justin Cox and Lucas Fiore introduce themselves and explain a little about how they hooked up, but the real action is to come when they're given the go-ahead to get freaky! Both these boys are so hot for each other, and after two years together they know how to get each other off. Hard and ready to go from the start, Lucas Fiore gets sucking on Justin Cox's stiff dick, deep throating his boner. But with a little rimming his hole is ready to take that familiar cock and he gets a hardcore ride before both jerk their loads out...

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Kayden Daniels And Kenedy Alves

29 minutes, added on October 1, 2012

Gorgeous dancer Kayden Daniels introduces us to his sexy Latino boyfriend Kenedy Alves, and what a catch he has too! Both boys are so horny on screen, but seeing that uncut bottom boy taking his boyfriends hard cock and hearing him loving every moment of it is especially awesome! He knows how to take Kayden's big dick, and a hot load to the face too!

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Casey Young And Freddy Cuebas

27 minutes, added on September 22, 2012

Originally from Honduras, Freddy Cuebas has settled in the USA with his boyfriend Casey Young, and what a hot and sexy couple they make too! You can tell both these guys are horny for each other, but when you see how talented Casey swallows that big uncut cock and then fucks his buddy's smooth ass you'll probably wish you were Freddy!

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Alex Andrews And Micah Andrews

23 minutes, added on September 12, 2012

When you get two boyfriends together in front of the camera you can almost guarantee it's gonna be an awesome shoot. Micah Andrews (Longhorns T) and his lover Alex Andrews are so hot together, they're just perfectly suited. And of course, they know how to treat each other to get their partner off in style too. After a little introduction where we get to find out some horny info, the boys start making out. Micah is on his lover real quick, stripping him down and getting that uncut cock out for some sucking. After getting Alex hard...

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