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  1. Dec 9

    Constantly scrolling through WhatsApp conversations to find an important message? Use WhatsApp's pin chat feature to pin priority conversations to the top of your chats for easier access. 📌

  2. Dec 2

    Got a new phone and changed your number? Follow this easy tutorial to seamlessly change your number on WhatsApp.

  3. Nov 27

    Voice messages are one of the many useful features of the app that help Marta González Pérez, owner of ceramics studio Marta Cerámica in Madrid, engage with customers in a more meaningful way. 🇪🇸 Read Marta's story here:

  4. Nov 25

    The end of the year is filled with exciting cultural celebrations all over the world, but can be difficult for those who live far from their loved ones. Beat the distance and stay connected by setting up weekly voice and video calls with friends and family. 💌🌎

  5. Nov 22

    Daniel Ayaz and his team at pizzeria La Taverna are using the WhatsApp Business app to reach and serve more residents in Tawern, Germany. 🍕He's now fulfilling his father's dream of making La Taverna the "talk of Tawern."

  6. Nov 18

    Changing phones but don't want to lose access to your WhatsApp account? Learn how to switch the number on your WhatsApp profile for an easy transition to your new device.

  7. Nov 13

    Small businesses play a key role in the growth of local economies. Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with to help entrepreneurs across Brazil better connect with customers and grow their businesses.

  8. Nov 7

    Introducing catalogs for the WhatsApp Business app! Now, small businesses can create a mobile storefront to showcase their goods and services so people can easily discover something they want to buy.

  9. Nov 6

    Avoid being added to a group chat with people outside of your inner circle. 👯♀ Now you can have more control over who can add you to a group. To enable this setting, update to the latest version of !

  10. Nov 4

    Curious to know what it's like to connect over 1.5 billion users worldwide? Hear from these four engineers on their experience working at WhatsApp.

  11. Oct 31

    Starting today, Android users can add another layer of security to their WhatsApp messages with fingerprint lock. 🔒 Learn more about how to enable the setting here:

  12. Oct 28

    Read why César Ortega, owner of Latidos Café in Mexico 🇲🇽, calls the WhatsApp Business app his "mejor aliado" or "greatest ally." Using has helped him increase customers, sales and revenue.

  13. Oct 23

    Starred messages ⭐ help keep important conversation details all in one place, so you can spend less time scrolling through your family group chat and more time planning your family reunion. 🍹

  14. Oct 21

    Before WhatsApp, Muhammad Edy Munandar, owner of graphic design company Sriwijaya Grafika in Indonesia, was only able to fulfill a few orders per day. Find out how the WhatsApp Business app helped him increase sales by 40%. 🇮🇩

  15. Oct 17

    Can't find that hilarious meme you sent in your family group chat? 🔗 Tap Group Info > Media, Links and Docs to easily view all of your group's media files and find what you're looking for.

  16. Oct 14

    Meet Priyanka K., Product Design Lead at WhatsApp, and learn how a trip to India inspired her to design with intention.

  17. Oct 9

    For Sandra, caring for her autistic son, Gustavo, is her top priority. Learn how she uses WhatsApp to find unity, support, and practical solutions for herself and other families caring for children with autism.

  18. Oct 7

    You can use voice messages as a quick and easy alternative to texting on WhatsApp. Give it a try: hold down the microphone icon🎙️next to the text bar, record your message, and release to send!

  19. Oct 1

    Meet Summer K., Head of Research at WhatsApp, and learn how her team is helping shape the product and future experiences on WhatsApp.

  20. Sep 25

    Get to know artisanal chocolate maker Sabrina Mustopo of Krakakoa: an advocate for sustainable farming practices who uses WhatsApp to bring attention to her local province's offerings in Indonesia.


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