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Global non-profit: promotes and protects open source software, development & communities through education and advocacy. Yes, we coined the term!

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    A REMINDER: OSI Tweets should not be considered endorsements or promotions. The OSI shares quotes it may not agree with in order to raise awareness of perspectives and people that can foster discussion and discovery within the software community.

  2. OSI Sponsor is looking to hire software engineers to help develop tools.

  3. All OSI Board Directors are elected by the community--our Board is your Board. As an Individual Member of the OSI, this means your vote determines the direction the OSI takes, and the work we do. Please take a moment to vote in the current run-off election.

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  5. Special shoutout to Jim Kropa for your generous donation in support of the and !

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  7. "In considering the relationship between patent-bearing standards and implementations, the question many start with is 'Are open source licenses compatible with FRAND?'" - Simon Phipps (), OSI Board President, via

  8. OSI Affiliate is looking nfluence the future of by completing the Jakarta EE 2019 Developer Survey! Take the quick survey here:

  9. OSI Affiliate announces the second keynotes for the CC Global Summit, May 9-11 in Lisbon! and are leaders of Whose Knowledge, a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities on the internet. Join in

  10. " is the only way we can know what our machines are doing on our behalf. It's also how we will control the means of production." - member John Olson Thanks John for your continued support!

  11. "Diversity and social justice in software communities," via . interviews on how ideas of diversity and identity manifest themselves in technological fields.

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  14. Still time to register! 's Library () transformation to 8. OSI Affiliate Member hosts for a FREE webinar, March 20. Register here:

  15. ATTENTION OSI MEMBERS... Just a quick reminder, the OSI's run-off election is now underway. Check your email for voting instructions--but ends March 25. We have two great candidates, Christine Hall ( ) and Mariatta Wijaya ().

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  17. Always great to see the communities around and involved with the OSI working together. Congrats to OSI Affiliates and 's project .

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  19. Wondering what is next for OSI Affiliate Member ? Be a part of the conversation! An amazing future for OpenMRS:

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  21. Mar 9

    We have telling us that he is a fan of the Open Source Definition. “I work for the company that invented the word Shared Source. It was a horrible idea and we walked away from it”. Learn more in, there is no open source business model!


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