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  1. 3 hours ago

    Sept. is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 's Priscilla Frank interviews Tracy Councill about her work w/ pediatric patients, their families + the benefits of child in hospitals.

  2. 20 hours ago

    Meet Antigoni Mikellidou, living in ! She earned a master’s from + wrote her on unresolved war using , working w/ survivors of the military intervention in .

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    Just One Month Left to Submit: International Practice/Research Conference 2019. from 35 countries have helped to shape this Call For Papers & we now invite submissions, please see link for further details. Deadline 15.10.18.

  4. Sep 18

    ➡️Attn members: We are implementing a year-long resolution process! This expansion will enable all AATA members, including those who will not attend conference, to propose formal resolutions + receive responses on a year-round basis.

  5. Sep 18
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    Sep 17

    Using to honor the lives lost during 9/11 and bring hope the area.

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    Sep 17

    The next deadline for Research: Art Works grants is October 9, 2018. You can find the guidelines here:

    screenshot of guidelines page for Research: Art Works grant. Accessible text here:
  8. Sep 17
  9. Sep 17

    The newly created Justice Studio offers weekly after-school art programs for children at the Juvenile Detention Center.

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    It can be hard to know how to deal with all the things life throws at us. For some, sometimes death seems like the only option. If you think someone you know is at immediate risk of suicide, you need to ACT: Ask. Care. Tell.

  11. Sep 16

    Reminder... Advanced Registration ends on September 28! (And with it the lower rates!) It’s time to get registered!

  12. Sep 15

    His ragged, bone-thin statues are just some of the works in "Giacometti," a sweeping retrospective at New York's Museum. It includes 200 pieces from the four-decade career of this restless perfectionist. — via

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    Sep 13

    "Art therapy can provide unique insights into military service members’ injuries and states of mind via externalisation within an art product." This open access article is available at:

  14. Sep 14

    The “Dogs of 9/11” exhibit opens at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, , honoring the dogs on the ground following the attack, including , , . Via

  15. Sep 14

    Are you ready to network with from around the world? The 49th Annual Conference, Oct 31 - Nov 4, in , FL provides a perfect venue to meet new colleagues + explore the diversity of our profession. Join us!

  16. Sep 14

    Attn members ➡️ did you know that Member Resolutions may now be submitted throughout the year for review by the resolutions committee, followed by consideration by the Board of Directors? Learn more:

  17. Sep 13

    is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. 45,000 Americans die by suicide per year, accrding to . We’ve compiled some resources to support suicide prevention + awareness.

  18. Sep 13

    Still undecided on whether to attend ? This video may help!

  19. Retweeted

    Today on : What are the systemic challenges that often limit growth in the field, and how can emerging arts education leaders overcome them?

  20. Sep 12

    Are you coming to the conference? 😊 Advanced Registration is open for the 2018 American Art Therapy Association Conference in Miami, Florida:


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