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Is Panasonic developing a full frame hybrid camera?

While it is only speculation at the moment, there are rumors concerning the arrival of a full frame Panasonic hybrid camera. This could potentially be an important development given that Panasonic is one of the creators and owners of the Micro 4/3 system (along with Olympus and Kodak), which it …

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New Nikon Z series: finally, a system camera for professionals

The new Nikon Z series has a signal effect. The camera giant is finally taking mirrorless cameras seriously and is entering a duel with Sony. But when will a full-frame camera come to the mass market? The name Nikon stands for, among other things, high-quality lenses and strong SLR cameras. …

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Sony RX100 VI: My Opinion

The Sony RX100 VI has finally been introduced and I really do not know where I should begin with this camera. Sony has, without question, once again pulled out all the stops and made a terrific camera. In fact, the improvements completely go past my requirements for a pocket compact …

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