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What is Fulfilment by Amazon? 

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What is Fulfilment by Amazon?

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)’s suite of fulfilment and logistics solutions help you grow your business in your home marketplace and abroad. Opt for FBA and send your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centre. We deliver your products to the end-customer, manage customer service and handle returns on your behalf.

Why use Fulfilment by Amazon?

Fulfilment by Amazon helps your products stand out. FBA offers are more visible to customers and hence end up selling more.

Prime badge with FBA

Earn "Prime" badge

FBA eligible products earn the Prime badge. Once your listing gets Prime status, it is visible to Amazon’s most loyal customers who choose Prime products for its fast-delivery options
Receive Fulfilment by Amazon bagde

Earn “Fulfilled by Amazon” badge

FBA products are highlighted as Fulfilled by Amazon. Buyers favor products fulfilled directly by Amazon due to the superior delivery promise. Hence, your FBA product have a higher chance of selling vis-à-vis product offered by sellers that are not using FBA.
Win the Buy Box with FBA

Win the “Buy Box”

FBA offers have a higher chance of winning the Buy Box. Winning the Buy Box means that your product appears in the first “Add to Basket” button on the product detail page. 
Learn more on how to send your goods to Amazon Fulfilment Centre

More benefits of Fulfilment by Amazon

Easy management with FBA

FBA makes it easy for you to focus on your business 

Less time invested in operations and inventory management: Amazon’s world-class logistics resources ensure your products are stored safely and your orders are fulfilled even when you are on vacation. Let Amazon pick, pack and ship orders to your customers so you can just focus on selling.

Offer your customers our trusted customer service: For your products on FBA, Amazon handles the customer service associated with the fulfilment of your products. Your customers enjoy Amazon customer service in the local language of the marketplace and gift-wrapping services at no extra cost to you and at Amazon standards.
Sell more internationally with FBA

Sell more internationally and on other channels 

Sell to millions of customers across Europe with a single seller account and in one local inventory pool. Amazon stores your inventory for you and handles shipments throughout the countries of the European Union.

Multi-channel: Use Multi-Channel Fulfilment by Amazon to fulfil orders from your own website or other channels. 
Flexible FBA pricing model

Flexible model, you control what you pay for

Flexible pay-per-use model that scales up and down as your business change: no subscription fees or contracts, you pay only for order fulfilment services and storage space used.

Use FBA on the products of your choice, own and control the quantity you store with Amazon. Learn more about FBA fees 

A programme tailored to you

"And that’s where we found FBA and it's really sat with us because they are always focused on quality of fulfillment as we are on quality of product. So I can grow the business based on the quality of the product, knowing that FBA is available to grow with me. And it's having that confidence that makes the difference."

Zamir Cajee, CEO
Julius Oliveti, Founder of Lupo

Julius Oliveti, Founder of Lupo

“FBA allowed me to sell many more product lines of all shapes and sizes, removing – almost overnight – the constrictions I’d been working to. I could also confidently maintain the high level of customer services that I prided myself on”
Testimonial of Mark Jones, Founder of Zeto UK

Mark Jones, Founder of Zeto UK

“We saw a huge surge in Sales in October, November and December during this busy period for Amazon. This, together with the cost savings of FBA, enabled me to buy larger quantities of stock, secure better prices from my suppliers and remain competitively priced on Amazon. It’s great to know that I can send stock to Amazon’s warehouse and that Amazon will always get it to my customers on time.”
Testimonial of Maninder Sahota, Founder and CEO of Lovarzi

Maninder Sahota, Founder and CEO of Lovarzi

“Amazon’s Marketplace and Fulfilment programme have allowed me to turn a small niche business into an international brand. Amazon customers feel confident in us as a business and as a brand when they see our feedback on Amazon. It was easy to set up and Amazon’s support team is always quick to respond to queries”

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