Accreditation | Peoples-uni
  • Students can gain a Masters-level awards or Diploma or Certificate from Peoples-uni. In addition, graduates of the Peoples-uni Masters level award are eligible to gain the Master of Public Health (MPH) award from EUCLID University without the need to undertake further coursework. Peoples-uni itself is not a university and makes no claims to be a university.
  • The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is our strategic partner and has accredited the Peoples-uni programme. RSPH accepts Peoples-uni alumni (those who have successfully completed the Peoples-uni MPH programme), and any active Peoples-uni tutors for its highly-regarded Fellowship at a reduced rate. RSPH also offers a student membership, which is open to Peoples-uni students. This endorsement is a powerful recognition of the standard of the Peoples-uni modular programmes and the certificate and diploma awards from the Peoples-uni.
  • The programme was previously validated by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and until 2013, we were able to enrol students onto a Masters degree programme with MMU, and graduates would receive the MPH degree from MMU.  Comment from Professor Ann Hemingway, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, Bournemouth University: "As External Examiner appointed by Manchester Metropolitan University on the MPH degree offered by them for the course run by Peoples-uni, I was entirely happy that the course was delivered and examined at Masters level and that graduates fully deserved the award of the MPH degree."
  • The Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation has approved three of our modules for continuing training and education (the fees charged preclude us from applying for the accreditation of more modules)