This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story

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This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by author Kheryn Callender focuses on the messy complexities of romance, friend-love and parental love in all of its frustrating, confusing forms.

Seattle-raised sixteen-year-old high school junior Nathan Bird, stuck mending a broken arm in the middle of the school year, is trying to navigate the world around him with the help of his best friend and ex-girlfriend Florence.

An aspiring filmmaker who’s afraid he has no real talent and who’s realistic about happy endings, Nate’s been avoiding anything approaching romance since Flo cheated on him with her current girlfriend, Lydia – a relationship that’s currently on the rocks.

Out of guilt, at least in part, for the end romantic relationship, Flo decides it’s her mission to help Nate lose his virginity before he turns seventeen, to his great embarrassment. Flo’s mission might come to fruition, for Nate is hiding a slowly developing crush on Oliver James Hernandez, a budding photographer and his former childhood best friend.

This is Kind of an Epic Love Story is true to its title. It’s definitely an epic love story with ups and downs and many trials, both internal and external, for is main character Nathan.

The book is unabashedly queer and intersectional. It explores diversity as it relates to race, sex, socioeconomic status, deaf culture, and more.  If you love stories with a focus on relationships and all kinds of romance this book is for you. If you’re not into that kind of drama, it may not be completely your cup of tea.

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