EdenChain – A World Class Platform For the Enterprise of Tomorrow

A World Class Platform
For the Enterprise of Tomorrow

Permissioned blockchain protocol
focused on practical enterprise usage and security

  • Scalable

    Parallel transactions via namespace technology allow transactions per second to grow in a linear manner

  • Interoperable

    Secured on-chain and off-chain interoperability enables smarts contract to interact securely with external data sources and modules

  • Credible and easy to adopt

    We use improved Hyperledger Sawtooth protocol. Availability of RESTful API makes it easy for companies to integrate blockchain technology into their existing businesses

Get started with

We provide a full one-stop service for companies looking to conduct their ICO. Our HelloEden service includes dedicated support in terms of technology development, as well as in business areas such as legal and marketing/PR. This helps our clients adopt blockchain technology with ease.

The EdenChain team will provide opportunities to access to global VCs and Edenchain's business network, which is growing extremely fast as a global permissioned blockchain platform.

The HelloEden platform will provide valuable analysis and data to institutions and individuals who are looking to invest in prospective ICOs.