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Neighbors of suspected Golden State Killer speak of shock

Neighbors of the suspected Golden State Killer say he once threatened to 'deliver a load of death' after he became angry over a barking dog - as those who lived near him painted a picture of a retiree who was 'creepy and odd'. Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested at his home in Citrus Heights, California on Tuesday night after DNA linked him to crimes attributed to the Golden State Killer from the 1970s and 80s. The Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist, is suspected of at least 12 murders and 50 rapes across parts of the state 40 years ago. Residents of the quiet, middle-class street where DeAngelo had been living for years said even though their neighbor was known for his temper tantrums, they were shocked to learn he was suspected of being a serial killer. They said DeAngelo - a Vietnam War veteran, former police officer and grandfather - would mostly keep to himself but would often launch into swearing fits while working in his neatly kept front yard.

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen will plead the Fifth in court

Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen will plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination in a law suit brought by Stormy Daniels, a court was told Wednesday. Cohen, whose business dealings are under FBI investigation and whose office, home, hotel room and safe deposit box were raided this month, will make the plea in a California civil case. The development, reported by MSNBC's Ari Melber, was disclosed in a brief court filing.

Researchers at University College London and Leeds University found 12 per cent of people are unaware smoking causes cancer. They surveyed 1,330 people to make the finding.

The 12 victims of the Golden State Killer's deadly crime spree

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with four murders in California. Police believe he is linked to the other eight killings as well. A DNA match led to his arrest in one of the most baffling and sadistic crime sprees of the 1970s and 80s. The attacker, dubbed the Golden State Killer, was also behind 45 rapes in the area. The victims ranged in age from 13 to 41. The victims are (left to right, top to bottom) Brian and Katie Maggiore, Cheri Domingo and Gregory Sanchez, Patrice and Keith Harrington, Manuela Witthuhn, Lyman and Charlene Smith, Janelle Lisa Cruz and Dr Robert Offerman and Alexandria Manning.

'She just wanted to know that he's in jail': Patton Oswalt pays tribute to his late wife and her book on the 'Golden State Killer' after an ex-cop is arrested for the murders

Patton Oswalt paid a final tribute to his late wife, Michelle McNamara (top left), after an arrest was made in the 'Golden State Killer' case made famous by her book. The award-winning comedian appeared on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' on Thursday (pictured) to discuss details that led to the arrest of the infamous murderer, named on Wednesday as Joseph James DeAngelo Jr, who killed 12 people and raped as many as 50 others. McNamara spent much of her career researching him for her book 'I'll Be Gone In The Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer' (bottom left). McNamara died suddenly in her sleep in April 2016 before the book was finished, and so Oswalt, McNamara's friend and fellow journalist Billy Jensen and researcher Paul Haynes helped finished writing the book, which was released on February 27 and hit No 1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list in March. 'I knew that I wouldn't be able to live and go on with life if [the book] was left undone,' Oswalt told Meyers.

True crime fans took to social media to reveal how they are 'freaking out' after Joseph James DeAngelo Jr - believed to be the infamous Golden State Killer - was arrested on Tuesday night.

Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested after DNA linked him to crimes attributed to the Golden State Killer and he initially was charged with four counts of murder.

Kanye West leaves his studio wearing a MAGA hat after Trump tweets

Kanye West put his love for Donald Trump on display as he donned his MAGA hat while leaving his California studio not long after he traded adoring tweets with the president and blasted former president Barack Obama in epic Twitter rant. West was spotted walking out of his Calabasas studio with a smoothie in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Along with his MAGA hat, he sported a pair of dark shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt, accompanied by a light grey jacket as he chatted with his entourage. His public appearance came shortly after he exchanged tweets with the president earlier on Wednesday. The love affair between West and Trump intensified as the rapper showed off another MAGA hat that was signed by the president and took aim at Obama - despite Kim Kardashian's attempts to step in.

Kanye West fans and supporters have been left divided after he traded adoring tweets with President Donald Trump, but Chance the Rapper has come to his defense.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani - the newest member of President Trump's Russia-probe-focused legal team - sat down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday.

Macron calls Trump 'insane' for leaving international treaties

Emmanuel Macron has taken a parting shot at Trump and said it is 'insane' the US is pulling out of international treaties while predicting the President would kill the Iran deal. Macron, addressing a press conference at George Washington University, said: 'My view - I don't know what your president will decide - is that he will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons.' Addressing the US President's approach of pulling out of treaties the country had recently joined, Macron said: 'It can work in the short term but it's very insane in the medium to long term,' he said of the US decision 'to change [its] opposition so often.'

US State Department officials have drilled out locks to inspect the former Russian consul general's Seattle residence, a day after Russian staff vacated the site.

A Democratic Party official in Texas has apologized after he cropped out First Lady Melania Trump from a photo in which she poses with former presidents and their wives at Barbara Bush's funeral.

The French first lady, 65, toured the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C., and while there, she met with Mr. T. Both seemed delighted to interact with each other.

A new book reveals how Hillary Clinton's aides called money donated to her charitable organization her daughter's 'nest egg. Chelsea has long faced scrutiny over her use of the foundation.

President Trump gave a shout-out to Kanye West on Twitter Wednesday, after the rapper and Kardashian spouse had called the president his 'brother.'

Tom Cook, CEO of the world's largest publicly traded company, met the leader of the free world in the Oval Office - but cameras were not welcomed and the two did not take any questions.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts CNN's Jim Acosta for asking if the Trump administration is a 'champion of the free press'

In what was another dramatic briefing room moment, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got in a spat with CNN's Jim Acosta over whether the Trump administration is a 'champion of the free press.' The tussle began when another reporter had asked the press secretary about a new 'Reporters without Borders' report that said the president's 'fake news' attacks on the press have denigrated press freedom in the United States. 'I certainly would reject the idea that the president or this administration has halted freedom of the press,' Huckabee Sanders answered, adding that she believed the administration has been one of the most accessible in decades.

Imagine what it's been like to be Melania ever since her husband Donald first announced he was running for president. Her husband was right to offer her a tribute Tuesday night.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft ripped Donald Trump's criticism of NFL player protests as being 'divisive and horrible' during a private meeting in October with owners and players.

Jordan Hamlett, 32, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for repeatedly trying to access Donald Trump's tax information. The Louisiana man pleaded guilty to misusing Trump's Social Security number.

Jennair Gerardot who killed husband's mistress had asked for marriage help

A month before Jennair Gerardot (left), 47, donned a wig, grabbed her revolver and took a train from Delaware to Pennsylvania to kill her husband's mistress, 33-year-old Meredith Chapman (right), she had gone on the social media app NextDoor, seeking recommendations for 'an EXCELLENT marriage counselor for couple on brink of divorce.' Weeks earlier, Jennair had sought help with finding a 'driven' divorce lawyer.

Steve Jobs’ widow snaps up stunning $16.5million San Francisco mansion

Laurene Powell Jobs has continued her real estate shopping spree with her latest $16.5million purchase of a stunning San Francisco mansion. Powell Jobs, who has a net worth of $18.9billion, purchased the residence in the Russian Hill neighborhood from venture capitalist Danny Rimer. Rimer paid $12.4million for the home back in 2013. Rimer's home had been on the market for just a month when Powell Jobs paid cash for it. The $16.5million purchase is the second-highest price paid in the city so far this year. The residence features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 6,180 square feet, including multiple decks with views of the San Francisco Bay. It also includes a garden off the family room, and a back patio.

A Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor (right), who shot dead an unarmed Australian yoga teacher, Justine Damond (left), in her pajamas after responding to her 911 call intends to plead not guilty.

Greg Piatek, a Trump supporter who sued a New York City bar for discrimination after he was thrown out for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat has lost his lawsuit.

Meghan Markle's look for William that says I'm part of the family!

Meghan and Wills shared a warm embrace as they greeted each other (right) following his return to royal duties after the birth of his third child on Monday. Each gave the other a warm kiss on the cheek (inset), with the prince then resting his hand on Meghan's shoulder while she placed hers on his back as they shared a conversation, showing she has been firmly accepted into the family fold.

Prince William was pictured warmly greeting his future sister-in-law with a kiss on the cheek and a gentle pat on the back as they arrived for a service honouring Australia and New Zealand's fallen.

PIC EXCLUSIVE Erica Lauren, from Pasadena, California, appears in a newly released campaign, modeling a wide range of bridal styles-from classic gowns to an edgy white jumpsuit.

How should a woman look hours after giving birth?

Over the past few days British women have shared their photographs taken post-partum to reveal the stark differences between their experience and that of the Duchess of Cambridge. Pictured left to right: Maria Hughes, 38, Nina Motylinski-Davies, 36, Joanna Thompson, 32, Jo Cole, 38, Georgina Horton, 38, and Sophie Parsons, 33, shared how important their appearance was after they gave birth. Nina revealed she wore a full face of make-up throughout labour and wore a girdle underneath her clothes to maintain her usual look. Meanwhile Maria says her appearance was the last thing on her mind.

Kate's family - including proud grandparents Michael and Carole Middleton, her sister Pippa and brother James - have been to Kensington Palace in London to have a cuddle with the new baby.

Struggling to stay awake, Wills? Prince battles heavy eyelids as he joins Harry and Meghan at a church service for fallen soldiers after two nights with his new baby boy - while Kate recovers at home

He is juggling a newborn baby and royal duties and Prince William appeared to show the strain today as he battled heavy eyelids in Westminster Abbey. The Duke of Cambridge joined his younger brother Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle at an Anzac Day service in London. But while he was in good spirits laughing and joking before the service, it appeared tiredness may have overcome the father-of-three once he sat down for the ceremony. William has returned to royal duties for the first time since his wife the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to their third child on Monday. He now has three young children at home - his two-day-old son, Princess Charlotte, who will turn three next month, and Prince George, four.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were greeted by Te Ataraiti Waretini (pictured) with the soft pressing of noses and the sharing of each other's breath, during a dawn service to mark Anzac Day.

The moment a 'Cops' soundman was accidentally shot dead in crossfire by the officers he was filming during a 'gun battle' with a robber brandishing a pellet gun in a Wendy's

Footage was finally released Tuesday of the 2014 Wendy's shootout that took the lives of a 'Cops' sound technician and a robbery suspect at the fast food restaurant. Crewman of the infamous crime TV show, Bryce Dion, was fatally shot in the armpit four years ago on August 26. The suspect who first opened fire in the Omaha Wendy's, Cortez Washington, was also killed in the crossfire. Police had been responding to a report of an active robber in the food joint at 4308 West Dodge Road when they entered and Washington immediately opened fire.

CEO Brian Niccol didn't offer specifics on his plans, which he discussed for the first time Wednesday after joining the Denver-based company from Taco Bell last month.

Scientists have uncovered evidence of ancient humans engaged in a deadly face-off with a giant sloth, showing for the first time how our ancestors might have tackled such a formidable prey.

'Sex cult' leader Allison Mack runs into court to get ankle monitor

'Sex cult' leader Allison Mack (left) was spotted rushing into a California court on Wednesday to get her ankle monitor just a day after she was released on $5million bond and ordered to cut off all contact with members of Nxivm as a condition. The Smallville actress was seen running into the Los Angeles courthouse to get the electronic monitoring bracelet as she tried to dodge photographers outside the building. Once inside, Mack, who was wearing a dark hat, tried to shield her face (right) from the cameras as she passed through security. Mack was also seen smiling while being driven by her mother, Melinda (both inset), near her home in Anaheim, California.

The jury in Bill Cosby's retrial for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 started deliberations on Wednesday in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Julie Bernet, was arrested in 2015 after one of the animals was seen by neighbors walking down the street with the severed head of another in its mouth in Kansas.

Nyle DiMarco busts fan who took pictures of him on the train

Loiba Maria, a Brazilian jiujitsu trainer, was on the E train in New York when she noticed an 'unbelievably gorgeous' man sitting across from her. She thought he looked familiar but she couldn't pinpoint who he was so she decided to take photos of him on the train so she could figure it out later. But over the weekend, she came across an article on her Facebook feed that featured Nyle and she remembered that was who she saw on the train. So she posted a picture of him to his Facebook fan page with the comment: 'I think I saw you on the E train last Sunday. If this is you, you are very handsome in person!' And Nyle responded to her post with a picture he of her on the subway that day catching in the act of taking photos of him and the comment: 'Yes I knew you were taking pics of me. Thank you love!'

Suspected Toronto mass-killer Alek Minassian was praised by so-called 'incels' - hatemongers who self-identify as 'involuntary celibate' - with sickening posts on sites such as Reddit and 4chan.

A rare $5 coin from the California Gold Rush has been found in New England. Its owner thought it was fake but the coin is actually worth millions. It is one of four surviving pieces from 1854.

Is this the most stomach-churning magic trick EVER? David Blaine sews up his mouth with a needle and thread before cutting it open to reveal a FROG on Jimmy Fallon's show

The US magician pulled off the painful-looking trick during on NBC's Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, prompting groans from the studio audience. Blaine began by sewing up his mouth (left) to the horror of co-star Priyanka Chopra (top right). After asking Chopra to select a playing card, Blaine then had the threads removed so he was able to open his mouth. There he revealed the correct card and, to the shock of the audience - a live frog (left). Fallon promptly fell on the floor in horror (bottom right).

A Good Samaritan couple who put up a cross at the spot where a two-year-old girl was found dead in a high-profile case from 2008 says it has mysteriously disappeared for the third time.

Texas gang member executed for killing five-year-old girl and her grandmother

Erick Davila was executed for killing for killing a 5-year-old Queshawn Stevenson and her grandmother Annette in a drive-by shooting at a children's birthday party in Texas. Davila, 31, belted to a gurney in the Texas death chamber, offered no apologies. He appeared almost cocky as several relatives of his victims entered the witness area of the death chamber, raising his head off the gurney and acknowledging some that he appeared to know. "I may have lost the fight but I'm still a soldier," he said when asked by the warden if he wanted to make a statement. "Take it as it is. To my supporters and family, y'all hold it down. Ten toes down. That's all I got to say"

Disney has released photos of rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse ears ahead of Pride month in June.  The ears, called 'Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love', feature a red hat with two rainbow-striped ears.

Gustavo Falcon, considered the last of Miami's 'cocaine cowboys' was sentenced to 11 years in prison for playing a key role in one of the biggest drug trafficking operations of the 1980s.

How James Dean French kissed Rock Hudson

Hollywood's biggest stars Liz Taylor, James Dean, and Rock Hudson brought a mix of egos, anxieties, and sexual tension to the set of 1956 classic film Giant. Behind-the-scenes secrets are revealed in Don Graham's Giant: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Edna Ferber, and the Making of a Legendary American Film. There was a rivalry between Hollywood studs Dean and Hudson for Elizabeth's attention - although the two struggled with their sexuality. Taylor, who was married to second husband Michael Wilding while shooting the film, would later confess that she would've slept Hudson if he wasn't gay. The film marked the early days of her career and she had worried she'd be overlooked by the film director who had Audrey Hepburn at the top of his list.

Swimming trunks worn by former-President JFK are up for auction at over $4,000. The pieces belonging to JFK are under the hammer with RR Auction, of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The crisis began when the Swedish Academy brought in lawyers to investigate sexual misconduct claims from 18 women against Jean-Claude Arnault, pictured with wife Katarina Frostenson.

The film sees the late DJ's manager Arash 'Ash' Pournouri scornfully declaring that Avicii 'doesn't understand the value of money' following his decision to stop touring for his health.

Miranda Lambert accused of stealing married musician Evan Felker

DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal that just months after Miranda Lambert (left), 34, split from musician Anderson East, she began a relationship with married Turnpike Trubadours frontman Evan Felker (right, and bottom inset with his estranged wife, Staci). According to a friend, Evan and his band were invited to be the opening act for Miranda's current tour Livin' Like Hippies, which began in January and runs through June. While on tour, they started a romantic relationship and Evan filed for divorce from his wife, Staci, on February 16. Staci filed her own divorce papers on February 28. Miranda was previously married to Blake Shelton (top inset with girlfriend Gwen Stefani), who she met when he was married to another woman.


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Denver home hosts wild sex parties complete with tacos and queso

Neighbors in the upscale Denver neighborhood say they are worried that children will be exposed to the parties, which host dozens of guests at a time, and they can hear what is going on inside the house. Online adverts (right) reveal the house is referred to as the Thunderstorm Play Palace and offers guests 7,500sq ft of space complete with two 'private play rooms', one 'open play room', and six bathrooms for their activities. Also provided is alcohol and a full menu, including pulled pork tacos, queso, ham and cheese sliders and a chocolate fountain.

Billionaire tech mogul took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal his next crazy idea -- a cyborg dragon. The SpaceX boss didn't elaborate on what he has planned, but it whipped Twitter into a frenzy.

Apple released iOS 11.3.1 on Tuesday, which resolves a previous issue where people had their iPhone 8 screens repaired by a third party, only to find out that the touchscreen stopped working.

Shelby, a nurse from Boston, spent eight hours in hospital after being hit by a 'distracted driver' going at 55mph - but her Kat Von D Tattoo Liner miraculously stayed put throughout her ordeal.

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: Sex expert Tracey Cox reveals the hand moves you and your partner need to add to your bedroom repertoire if you want to spice things up between the sheets.

Former Today host Tamron Hall made it very clear how she felt about NBC by posting a photo of herself driving by Today with the caption: 'Heyyyyyy!' Two hours earlier, a report said Megyn Kelly was tanking.

Brooklyn man Beresford Ashley, 48, has been sentenced to 25 years to life behind bars after he was found guilty late last year of brutally murdering his estranged wife, Karen Bartley, 45.

Maria Saliagas, 53, traveled from Atlanta, Georgia, to Europe earlier this month but was tied into a wheelchair after arriving in Europe with a 'dirty blanket' someone else had used.

While the results of the Boston Children's Hospital study were limited and preliminary, researchers and experts say they could signal a potential breakthrough for children with progeria.

True grit! Hero in a cowboy hat calmly takes off his sunglasses before leaping on an armed robber after he points a gun at him

This is the heart-stopping moment a have-a-go hero disarmed a gun wielding robber and then tackled him to the ground as he tried to escape. The brave cowboy, who coolly removed his sunglasses before leaping into action, even managed to snatch a kitchen knife from the hands of the desperate criminal. Captured on CCTV from inside a convenience store in Mexico, footage shows the young, armed robbed burst into the store waving a revolver pistol at the attendant.

British mom Clare O'Reilly, 39, revealed she has vowed not to comment on her daughter Annie's, 7, appearance to ensure she focuses on her abilities instead of her looks as she grows up.

Staff at chain restaurants in the US and UK reveal the dodgiest options on menus - and ice cream machines and soda fountains are often mouldy and unclean, several said on Reddit.

John Youngaitis, 64, and Amber Maykut, 37, are two of New York City's last taxidermists. John mounts big game such as deer and Amber mounts small rodents such as mice in human poses and clothes.

Terrifying security footage shows bystanders and rescuers battling for NINE minutes to save a 12-year-old boy trapped underwater by a suction line in a South Carolina lazy river

A surveillance video captured the terrifying moment rescuers battled to save a 12-year-old boy who was trapped underwater for more than nine minutes after his leg was caught in a lazy river's suction line. Incredibly, the boy survived his ordeal – thanks to a man who kept him alive by performing underwater mouth-to-mouth until emergency services arrived, ABC15 reports. The security footage shows two boys playing in the pool at the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on March 19. 

Authorities have made an arrest in what they say was a deadly road rage incident that occurred during a nor'easter last month. Everett Moore Jr., 54, allegedly stabbed Joseph Pirri, 32, to death.

Google may end its seven-year-old Play Music platform to make way for a rumored new service called YouTube Remix, which will be focused around recommendation algorithms.

Dolores Leis - from Coristanco, Spain - dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder looks strikingly like Donald Trump. Folks on social media can not get over how the two look.

The unnamed male student had barricaded himself inside his Hawley Hall dorm room and refused to come out, then started a fire inside and leaped out of the window Tuesday night.

Morgan Sims, 33, has been charged with murder in the death of her husband Daray Vontrell Sims, 37. Her mom told 911 on Friday that Morgan had shot her husband at her McKinney home.

Patrolman Ronald Williams, from the New Castle Police Department, Pennsylvania, has been placed on administrative leave after the footage of the violent arrest Monday went viral.

Curators at the Buffalo Museum of Science were cataloging pieces in the museum's collection when they realized and confirmed that the foot-tall egg had been mislabeled as a model.

Global users will be invited to opt in to the new changes from today, but most can also opt-in by going to 'Settings' and selecting 'Try the new Gmail'.

The moment a road rage driver smashes a brand new Subaru with a baseball bat as a woman sits angrily in the front seat

A man was filmed smashing up a brand new car with a baseball bat after an incident on the New York State Thruway last week. Video shows the man smashing the left side mirror of the blue 2018 Subaru, while its owner films and yells: 'jail, you're going to f***ing jail'. The angry batsman also smashes through the driver's side window with his wooden bat and threatens the driver of the Subaru with the weapon before returning to his car, where a frustrated looking woman is waiting. Daniel J. Bosquez, 36, was charged over the incident.

The six residents, from North Korea's capital Pyongyang, were executed at the end of last year on the charge of treason for trying to leak the contents of a directory to the outside world.

Cody Hawk-Berning (left), 23, now faces four felony charges in Michigan after a car accident in 2017 left Hunter James Conaty (right), 22, dead. It is the second fatal crash in two years for Hawk-Berning.

In the BBC's The Truth About Obesity, a doctor demonstrates how folding a piece of string the length of your own height in half and wrapping it around your waist can show if you have too much visceral fat.

Sandra Harrison, 59, shared that she was rattled and hurt when she, Sandra Thompson (inset left) and 3 other friends were asked to leave a gold course because they were going too slow.

The Corps hopes to use the aircraft in a new role escorting mission in high risk areas until next generation 'supercopters' become available. Tests have already fired a range of weapons from the craft.

Bull's-eye! Woman tells boyfriend to throw a dart over her head... but it hits her in the EYE 

This is the gruesome moment a woman told her boyfriend to throw a dart over her head but ended up taking one directly in the eye. The footage is thought to have been shot in a New York City bar between a couple who are filmed goading each other for fun. The woman is recorded goading her boyfriend as she sits directly beneath the dartboard, confidently telling him to throw the dart.

A snap of a 'no touching' sign attached to a child's car seat sparked debate after it was shared on a US Facebook page for mothers. Some said it was a good way to ward off germs - others disagreed.

A 2017 survey found that six percent of teens had engaged in 'digital self-harm', which involves creating anonymous social media accounts to post mean comments about oneself.

Joel Singletary scored the staggering catch while fishing in the Choctawhatchee River on April 11. The current state record comes in at just 70lbs, making Singletary's catch 1.7 times larger.

However, the Washington State University researchers warned long-term use of cannabis could worsen symptoms of depression. They analysed data from almost 12,000 volunteers.

The only wild population of endangered red wolves is unsustainable and could be wiped out within a decade after dwindling to a few dozen, government officials said in a report Tuesday.

Kevin Esterly, 45, waived the hearing Tuesday and now awaits trial on charges including custodial interference. Esterly and 16-year-old Amy Yu were found in Mexico on March 17.

Uploaders have dodged the platform's AI filters and human moderators by only using graphic content in preview 'thumbnail' images that appear in global search results.

Me-OUCH! Hilarious video captures the moment a cheeky cat climbed up onto his owner's laptop then CRASHED to the ground - and took the computer with him

Texas Twitter user Brandon Salinas accidentally recorded the funny moment, which has now been viewed more than five million times on the site. The clip shows the cat strut right onto the keyboard of Brandon's Apple computer and stand up to block the entire computer screen. Next, it seems that the kitty tries to lean against the screen not knowing that there is nothing behind it, causing him to fall to the ground and taking the laptop down with him.

Researchers from the University of Exeter found that taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for at least a year is significantly linked to people developing the lung condition.

Mom-of-two Sandra Nishiyama, 43, from Los Angeles, California has revealed how she has transformed her body and looks better now than she did in her twenties by working out at home.

Graphics specialist Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, California trained its neural network using a variety of irregular shaped holes in images to determine what was missing from each and fill in the gaps.

Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Aaron Booker, 31, was arrested in Illinois on Tuesday for allegedly stealing 20 hand grenades off a San Diego-based Navy destroyer.

'Wayaland' - a new town to be built on a yet-to-be-determined location - will comprise bouyant so-called 'Waya modules', with the aim of being ready for its first residents to move in 2022.

Smile for the camera! Package thief tries to steal the doorbell surveillance after he realizes he's being recorded

Video shows the thief taking packages off the homeowner's porch before he realizes he's caught on camera in Tracy, California. The thief - clad in black t-shirt and grey sweat - tries to take the camera off the wall but fails to do so. 'It's kind of pointless to a certain extent because a lot of these devices store to the cloud,' Tracy Police Captain Alex Neicu said to Fox40. 'So the image is already captured.'

A new study by researchers from Dartmouth College has revealed weapons made from human bones were stronger than animal bones - and were also a symbol of prestige and inheritance.

This is the moment a monkey cruelly dressed as a creepy blonde doll is chained to the side of the road and forced to perform in Bogor, Indonesia, on April 23.

Alabama-native Cody Key tipped the scales at 500lbs before he shed 280lbs by following a healthy diet and exercise routine. His dramatic weight loss left him with excess skin on his stomach and chest.

Scientists from around the world used Chilean telescopes to spot, observe and predict the creation of the biggest structure in the universe 12.4 billion light years away.

Orphaned dog has to have a POUND of matted fur sheared off his body

The Shih Tzu mix named Rumor was found in a trucking yard in Houston, Texas, that has become known as the 'Corridor of Cruelty' because so many pets are dumped there. The unloved pooch, aged eight or nine, was 'in bad shape' health-wise and covered in matted fur that swamped his tiny frame when he was taken in by Corridor Rescue. Technicians spent an hour removing 1.2lbs of matted hair from Rumor's body, and he also had surgery on both of his eyes.

The European Space Agency, based in Paris, says professional and amateur astronomers alike will be able to access the data and hunt for new discoveries in our galaxy and beyond.

An Axios poll found that 51 percent of millennials believe baby boomers made things worse for their generation, and 30 percent of the older generation

This is the shocking moment a helicopter flips over and slices a man to death during a recovery mission of another broken down chopper in Colombia's southwestern Cauca District.

Russ Foxx, from Vancouver, British Columbia, has had over 100 modifications applied to his body - from electrical key fobs fitted in his hand, to silicone horns implanted into his head.

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Wizard of Oz-inspired theme park is set to reopen to the public

North Carolina's Land of Oz theme park is set to reopen for a few days in June. The park opened in the 1970s, but was forced to close in 1980 after a fire and low attendance rates. The park, located atop Beech Mountain, does not have any rides. Instead, guests are guided through a recreation of Oz with actors portraying some of the characters. Guests are also chosen to dress up as characters from the movie and act out scenes. Main image: The park in 2016. Left inset: the park in the 1970s. Right inset: The park in 2017.

These are the incredible scenes as a Saudi passenger jet landed ahead of a massive sand storm which had engulfed the furthest end of the runway in Jazan Airport in the south of the country.

Finland-based cyber security company F-Secure showed how they hacked a system made by the world's largest hotel lock manufacturer.

A cheeky entry has taken home the top prize at a state photography competition this week. Gold Coast photographer Sheryn Ellis said it was a risk entering the racy image.

While it's long been thought that Bronze Age people were the first to become seafarers, tools found throughout Eurasia suggest others had them beat by thousands of years.

Dutch kickboxers brutally beat waiters who ask them not to drink their own booze at restaurant in Prague in vicious attack caught on CCTV

This is the shocking moment Dutch kickboxers on a holiday in Prague beat up some restaurant waiters knocking one of them out cold after they were told they could not drink their own alcohol. The incident, which was captured on CCTV happened outside the Polpo restaurant in the city centre. One of the waiters suffered a broken eye socket and a broken jaw and was left unconscious.


Showbiz extra

The hilarious moment a Chinese woman runs into the bonnet of a stationary car in a ridiculous attempt to con the driver out of money

The footage was caught on dashcam in Hong Kong and shows the driver of the van coming to a complete stop at an intersection before the woman charges into it. It is believed the woman was attempting a 'pengci scam', where pedestrians pretended to be hit by a negligent driver.

A young boy was held outside a window of a moving car for two minutes as he urinated on a road amid heavy traffic in China. Local police said such behaviour had posed danger to the public.

The latest trend to take over China's social media is 'The Seaweed Dance', where people are filmed dancing to the song 'Seaweed Dance' and imitating the humorous choreography in the MV.

2,300lbs black rhino at Chicago zoo is given a CT scan

Layla, a seven and a half-year-old eastern black rhino at Brookfield Zoo, in Chicago, underwent a CT scan last week in what is believed to be the first procedure of its kind on her species. Keepers had to anesthetize Layla, who weighs 2,300lbs, before placing her on a specially constructed platform, then using a front-loader to slide her into a bespoke scanner. The images revealed an abnormal growth attached to one of Layla's molars which was causing her breathing problems and must be removed.



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