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Boardwalk Visitors Getting Too Close For Comfort

Mayor shuts it down


Last Week

A Somewhat Lengthy Read

Somebody OPRAed 6+ years of police records pertaining to D’Jais:



To make it easier for you guys I downloaded all the files, combined them into one PDF, and sent it to my Google Drive.

Estimated read time: Let’s just say that depending on how old OLD MAN really is, it could conceivably take the rest of his life.


About The Boardwalk…..

Message from the mayor:


Boardwalks All Empty…Almost took a ride to the beach yesterday


12 Visits


Heartwarming Story But…

Maybe there are better causes.

GoFundMe page for Federico’s raises only $20 in 2 days.


Hopefully It Can Be Used Someday


Good Hearted Federico’s On With Tucker

Now Hannity wants to help


Sununu Bans The Other Bags

Single-use only up here