Has the thought of a child without a birthday cake ever crossed your mind?

If you're like most people, this hasn’t occurred to you — but unfortunately it happens all the time.

At Cake4Kids, we bake and deliver birthday cakes for underserved children.

They may be in group homes, at a domestic violence or human trafficking shelter, in low-income housing with or without a parent, or even homeless. We aim to raise their self-esteem and confidence with a seemingly simple gift on their special day. It may just be a cake, but the children we bake for know that a stranger took the time and effort to do something special just for them.

How Does It Work?

Cake4Kids is powered by an amazing and compassionate group of volunteers who are mostly home-bakers. We have no minimum commitment — volunteers choose how often and which cakes they want to bake. They bake the cake at home and deliver it to one of our partner agencies who support the youth.

Our volunteers never meet the children we support, but every cake is custom-made for each child and an enormous amount of love is baked into each one.

How Can I Help?


Cake4Kids currently operates in California, Virginia / DC Metro Area, Illinois, and Kentucky. Please check our Volunteer Page to see if we’re in your area!

We’re always evaluating new areas to expand into, so contact us if you are interested in starting Cake4Kids in your area!


Help us deliver smiles to children!

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Cake4Kids Hits a Milestone!

Since 2010, we have baked and delivered over 15,000 cakes! See more pictures of cakes in our Photo Gallery!

Cake4Kids Birthday Cake
Cake4Kids Birthday Delivery

Some Thank You Notes We’ve Received

I just wanted to thank you for making my son’s birthday so happy. I wasn’t able to give him a party. I’m a domestic violence victim, a single parent of 4. My income is so low that this cake was the best gift ever to him. I made him pancakes as a special breakfast, and then surprised him with the cupcakes. Thank you so much.
She loved the cake!! She was very excited for the cake. She had a rough month and this really brightened up her week. She shared it with her foster family and with friends at school the next day. The cake was so cute too! It was the perfect fit for her. Thank you for the cake!
She enjoyed the cake with her case manager and described it as being moist and delicious. Since she hasn’t been able to celebrate her birthday in a few years she was extremely grateful for the cake.

Delivering smiles to children one birthday cake at a time®