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The Rose of York Trilogy (#1-3) by Sandra Worth
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Overview: Sandra Worth is the author of six historical novels chronicling the demise of the Plantagenet dynasty in England and the rise of the Tudors. She is the winner of numerous awards and prizes, including three Reviewers Choice Awards.
Genre: Historical Fiction

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1. Love & War
Set in Malory's England during the Wars of the Roses when the passions of a few determined the fate of a nation, this acclaimed winner of a remarkable eight awards tells the true story of two star-crossed lovers -- Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville -- before they become King and Queen. A stirring tale of romance and intrigue.

2. Crown of Destiny
Fifteenth century England is a dangerous place as the Wars of the Roses rage and the passions of a few determine the fate of a nation.
After Edward IV's death in 1483, his detested queen Elizabeth Woodville makes a grab for power in court rotten with intrigue. To avert civil war, Richard of Gloucester must betray his royal brother's secret, for which another brother has already died. With war looming, to protect those he loves, Richard is forced into the most excruciating decision of his life, one that will change the course of history.

3. Fall from Grace
In a tumultuous era marked by peril and intrigue, reversals of fortune and violent death, the passions of a few rule the destiny of England and change the course of history . . .

Richard III's reign is buried in mystery and controversy. For many, he is a monster of biblical proportions. Most historian agree that the usurping Tudors rewrote history to prove him a villain, much as Hitler would have villified Churchill, had he won World War II. The problem is that by the end of the sixteenth century Tudor propaganda had become historical fact. In the familiar Tudor mantra, Richard III plays Cain in "Cain and Abel" and is the wicked uncle who murders his two little nephews in the Tower and poisons his wife to marry his niece. To embellish the fascinating tale of the devil reborn in the guise of Richard III, he is made to be diabolically ugly, a hunchback, born with a tail, who died a coward on the battlefield.

The truth is very different and even more fascinating, and Fall from Grace gives an account of the reign of Richard III based on the actions of Richard's life, not on the Tudor myth. Here, the last of the long line of Plantagenet kings of England's stands tall once again to claim his place beside his valiant forebears and change the world with his passion for justice. Here is an Arthurian tale of a reluctant king who fought for justice in a land torn by civil war and was undone by treason. With his death at Bosworth Field died the Age of Chivalry, plunging England into the terror of the bloody reign of the Tudors.

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